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Lottery Strategies

Almost each player has it’s own way of choosing their numbers when they fill in a lotto ticket. Many different forms of superstition lead to an incredible array of possibilities that players can use to fill in those few numbers.

In reality any combination of numbers has exactly the same potential of winning, regardless of any superstition.

While there is no system for winning the online lotto tickets, statistics that have been made over the last hundred years show, that a few numbers are more likely to generate higher winnings than others.

A great example of this can be due to the fact that many players choose birth dates for their numbers, like the date their children were born or their wedding anniversary date. Statistics have shown that due to the fact that a month can only have 31 days, the numbers 1-31 are more likely to provide several winners at a time, while the numbers above 31 offer a higher chance for players to win a jackpot with a lower number of players who play lottery online with whom to split the winnings with.

Players who use the numbers 32 and beyond, when they play lotto, have won higher amounts of money over the history of the game.

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